What Driveway Material Should You Choose?

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Maybe you’re thinking about installing a new driveway but have no idea as to what type of driveway material you should use.

There are a variety of different driveway materials available, all of which possess their very own benefits and drawbacks.

But what are these benefits and drawbacks, and how will they affect the nature of your driveway. Let’s discuss them so that you can decide which material you should choose.

Types of Driveway Material

Generally speaking, there are four different types of driveway material. These materials include gravel, concrete, asphalt, and pavers.


Gravel is a simple mixture of crushed stone which is loosely applied in one area to form a driveway. While it’s not the most aesthetically-pleasing material, it is extremely affordable compared to other materials.

This material is often used for large driveways as it can cover a lot of space for a very low price. It’s surprisingly easy to install, needing only to be laid down and settled.

The downside of gravel is that it’s relatively loose compared to other materials. Because it’s loose, it can be easily disturbed by snow, rain, and wind.


Asphalt is a fairly solid material which is characterized more by its durability than its appearance. While it’s a little more expensive than gravel, it’s still very affordable compared to other materials.

The good thing about asphalt is that it can be driven on almost as soon as it’s been laid. Though it can crack under pressure from rain and snow, it’s easy to maintain and repair.

A huge positive of asphalt is that it won’t reveal any oil or grease stains. If you’re looking for a decent amount of durability at a reasonable price, it’s a great option.


Concrete is characterized by its bright white appearance and consistent flatness. While it’s more expensive than gravel and asphalt, it’s still fairly affordable.

It’s designed to thrive through all types of weather conditions, cracking only under duress from severe movements of the earth. For this reason, it requires relatively little maintenance.

After it’s been installed, concrete takes around a week to dry before it can be driven on. However, after it’s dry, it’s very durable; capable of remaining intact for over 30 years of use.


If you’re looking for a driveway that is both durable and aesthetically pleasing, you’d be best served by pavers. Pavers are essentially bricks which are made out of heat-cured clay.

These bricks come in a variety of different colors, sizes, and styles, allowing for a great deal of variation in appearance.

While they’re very durable, they’re fairly expensive compared to other materials. In addition to this, they can also take a while to install.

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