Concrete Driveway Ideas For the Snazziest House on the Block

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concrete driveway ideas

Thinking of replacing your driveway?

Many homeowners are choosing concrete driveways for their elegance. But if everyone is doing it, how can you make yours stand out?

Here are some concrete driveway ideas to spice up the entrance to your home:

First, Take Care of Your Lawn

The perfect accompaniment to a new driveway is a well-kept lawn. In reality, even the most beautiful concrete driveway won’t look very impressive next to a wild lawn.

Make sure you water and cut your lawn as often as you can to enhance the entrance of your home.

If you have the means, hiring a lawn care service can be a great way to ensure that your front yard looks fresh and presentable.

Choose Colorful, Vibrant Plants to Surround Your Driveway

Once your lawn is taken care of, try planting a series of flowers and succulents around your driveway to create a colorful border.

It’s likely that some of the driveways on your street are surrounded by patchy grass or holes in the ground.

These deficiencies can easily be remedied with beautiful plants. Pick your favorites and plant them around your driveway, or choose plants that will enhance your driveway in an understated way.

For example, small shrubs lining your driveway can make your driveway look very defined and regal. You can also use tall, narrow trees to create a border around the sides of your yard, if you desire more privacy.

Consider a Rustic Stained Driveway

Many homeowners are deciding to apply a stain to their driveways, changing the color of their driveway and giving it an elegant, wood-like finish.

This can give your front yard a very modern, contemporary look. If you choose to apply a driveway stain, a clean, crisp border is the best route to take.

Clearly define the relationship between your driveway and your lawn and the result will be very sophisticated.

High-End Concrete Driveway Ideas: Geometric Designs

It may cost you a pretty penny, but get a custom design for your driveway is an option that a lot of homeowners go for, especially if they anticipate staying at their homes long-term.

With a custom design, you can choose virtually anything you wish. Most people choose a geometric design that complements their home in some way.

Others choose designs based on the emotion behind it. Whatever you choose, a tasteful design will surely make your driveway the talk of the entire neighborhood.

A custom design enables you to add a unique character to your driveway. If you want to stand out from your neighbors, this is definitely the way to do it.

These are just some of the many concrete driveway ideas that are at your disposal. Depending on the layout of your front yard, you may even be able to adorn your driveway with a sophisticated retaining wall.

No matter what you decide, Saint Louis Driveway can get the job done.

Please contact us for more information on how you can upgrade your concrete driveway with a creative touch!

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