5 Ways to Maintain a Sleek and Smooth Concrete Driveway

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There’s nothing better than a low-maintenance yet appealing concrete driveway to compliment your beautiful home. 

But over time, like any driveway, it can lose its luster and begin to show cracks, pits, and other imperfections. 

So how can you keep it looking polished and last for many years to come?

Whether your driveway is new or old, there are countless tips you can utilize. Today we’re sharing 5 ways you can maintain an immaculate concrete driveway year after year. 

1. Clean Your Concrete Driveway Properly

Cleaning and caring for your driveway may seem straight forward, but there are various factors you need to be aware of. 

Steps to Take When Cleaning Your Driveway: 

  1. Pressure wash or vacuum
  2. Seal your driveway

In between regular cleanings, you’ll want to ensure you keep debris such as leaves off of your driveway because they can cause damage.

Another unexpected factor that can destruct the concrete is having heavy machinery or vehicles on it. This can cause cracks and permanent damage. 

2. Avoid Use of Deicing Chemicals 

Depending on the size of your driveway, you may be considering using a deicer.

However, if you want to keep your driveway in good shape, it’s best to avoid all deicing chemicals on a new driveway for as long as possible – as this is when they’re the most susceptible to damage.

After the first year, it’s best to avert deicing chemicals due to their ability to cause scaling, discoloration, and other damage. 

The worst deicing chemicals to avoid include:

  • Ammonium nitrates
  • Ammonium sulphates

Calcium chloride and sodium chloride are better alternatives, if you must use a deicer. However, a downside to using calcium chloride is it’s harmful to your pets if they step on it. 

3. Repair Any Damage or Cracks Immediately

Not repairing your concrete driveway after cracks or other issues arise can cause more problems down the road, which will end up costing more money in the long-run. 

Your first option is attempting to repair the cracks or damage yourself. Cracks can occur for a number of reasons, but the older your driveway is, the more likely you are to encounter this problem. 

If you’re unable to fix the damage yourself, it’s always best to contact a professional to ensure the job is done correctly. 

4. Clean Oil and Other Stains Right Away

If you spill any type of oil, gasoline, or anything else that’s known to stain, it’s imperative to clean it up immediately. 

For typical stains, hot soapy water should do the trick. But if you encounter a grease or gasoline spill that doesn’t come up, it’s best to use a degreaser or a stain remover that’s specifically for concrete. 

5. Be Cautious in the Winter Months

Winter time is when your driveway is the most vulnerable to damage. 

When using a snow blower take extra precaution that the blades don’t get too close to the ground. Even when you’re shoveling you should use precaution. Avoid all metal shovels on your driveway, and opt for a plastic one instead.

Even though using a metal shovel or a snow blower that grazes the concrete will typically only cause minimal damage, this can lead to larger damage down the road. 

Final Thoughts on Concrete Driveway Maintenance

When we think of concrete we generally think of this extremely strong material that can’t be penetrated or ruined. 

But the truth of it is, although concrete is highly durable and a great option for driveways, it still needs to be properly maintained. 

The best way to ensure your driveway is always sleek and smooth is to take care of it by cleaning and having it sealed, always cleaning up spills or stains (no matter how small), being cautious in the winter months, and repairing any damage you see immediately.  

 If you would like a free estimate on the concrete driveway of your dreams, you can contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your options. 






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