5 Things To Consider When Building a Patio

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Responsible homeowners like yourself invest a lot of time and money into the perfect interior design.

What about the outside appearance, though? Chances are that if you have needed to renovate interior projects, exterior work also needs to be done on your home.

It might be time to replace your driveway or patio stones, which would benefit both the aesthetic and the property value of your home. If that is the case, continue reading to learn about five important things to consider when building or updating a patio.

Patio Stones Might Better for You Than a Wooden Deck

If you’re not sure about whether you want a concrete/stone patio or a wooden deck, consider the long-term effects. Using flat concrete or patio stones would let your patio last a lot longer than a wooden one.

If you live in an area with particularly bad weather sometimes, you definitely would benefit from a stone floor over a wooden one. Concrete and stones are way more durable and will not shift nearly as easily during heavy weather. This ensures a longer lasting, more durable patio option.

Concrete is also easier to maintain. Wooden decks will have to constantly be resealed throughout the length of its existence. With stones, though, there is a significant barrier against moisture and the elements as compared to wood.

Also, it’s simply easier to damage wood with stains than it is to accidentally stain concrete. Concrete or stones are your best option for a simple, easy patio to maintain.

Custom Design Your Patio However You Want

Perhaps you have a certain style of a patio design in mind, but you aren’t really sure what it will look like once it’s completed. Maybe you aren’t sure what it would look like attached to your house.

All it takes to alleviate any of these uncertainties is a little bit of online research. Fortunately, we live in the modern Digital Age. There is guaranteed to be a ton of resources and images to help you determine what you truly want your new patio to look like.

Thinking about your perfect design means you will determine the best layout for the space’s surface area, as well as whether or not your patio will feature any intricate designs or artwork on the floor itself.

If you have nowhere to begin, check out these ideas for custom patio designs. There are always professionals available to help you foresee just what your needs and aesthetics will turn into at the end of this project.

Material Options

Deciding not to build a wooden deck is a great start, but you still have a decision to make about your patio’s materials. There are actually a wide variety of patio stones available for your project.

One of the most traditional options to consider is brick. Brick is a tried and true flooring, but it might not fit with the visual design of your overall style if you’re looking for something more modern.

If you’re set on concrete, you can either make the floor a flat surface, or you can consider concrete pavers. Pavers are interlocking modules that come in all shapes and sizes. They’re just another way you can fully customize the design of your patio.

Pavers also come in other materials. You can choose almost any stone including limestone, sandstone, slate, marble, or even a mixture of them.

Finally, a pebble surface is a great surface if you are looking for a “bubbly” pathway. Pebbles break up the monotony of a flat surface, and they can really suit your custom design as they come in all different colors and textures.

Sealing and Painting Your Patio

After the patio stones of your chosen material have been installed, you have many options to finish the surface. This means choosing the best color and protection of your new patio surface.

Concrete paints are available in the most varying colors you can imagine, and they can allow you to truly express your style. Remember, though, they would require regular reapplication to keep the cleanliness and sleekness of your surfaces kept. You would also need to apply a sealer for protection.

Stains on the stones or concrete floor are also an option. These are more permanent than paints, but they would also need an applicable sealer.

If you like the natural color of the materials you used, consider only applying the best sealer to the surface. Do your research to determine the best finishing products for your patio’s maintenance and visual appeal.

Finish by Decorating Your Patio

Your patio flooring is finished, but you still have several steps to go before it is completely decorated. Congratulations, though, for having your foundation built.

Patio design starts from the bottom and works its way up to the top. Now that you have spent plenty of time on deciding the perfect materials, coloring, and sealing for your brand new patio, it’s time to really let your creativity blossom.

Consider your porch columns. Are they cracked and unpainted?

Your next step after finishing the patio floor would be to update and renovate any columns and ceiling areas that need to be touched up. Paint them a neutral, inviting color, and you can even consider adding a layer of bricks around them if it suits your design.

Then, check the lighting on the porch. Make sure the light fixtures are not too bright or too dim. You might have to install some new ones that would better fit your taste.

Finally, you can get to the more colorful aspects of your new patio – the furniture and decorations! Do some online research to see what ideas would go well with your style and utility.

This could include multiple plants, a simple set of table and chairs, or even a fire pit. Now is the time for you to really let loose and play with the look and feel of your new patio.

After that, it’s time to sit back and enjoy your lovely new outdoor living space. We know how essential it is to start with a sturdy, reliable foundation in your patio floor. We encourage you to reach out to us today to get started on the process of building your patio.

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