The 5 Most Popular Types of Driveways

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A driveway may seem like just a driveway. But if you sit down and think about it, it’s more of an extension of the entrance to your home.

The materials used for your driveway say a lot about what kind of home you have. A perfect fit adds to the aesthetic (and value) of your home while the wrong style might drag you down with costly maintenance.

Here’s a quick guide to 5 most popular types of driveways.

Breakdown of Types of Driveways

1. Concrete

Contractors and homeowners alike consider concrete to be the old faithful of driveway materials.

It’s one of the longest-lasting types of driveways and it requires little to no maintenance.

Concrete is great for all climates. Though, if you live in the deep freezer of the north, your driveway might suffer. De-icing and freezing break the material down at a faster rate.

Also, concrete stains easily. So, budding mechanics working on their toys in the driveway should make sure to lay down a tarp or a sheet.

2. Gravel

Gravel provides countryside charm in the heart of the city. It’s particularly beautiful when you’ve got a long and winding driveway.

While it adds a softer, rustic look to your property, it requires some maintenance.

The gravel is poured into an area surrounded by a barrier. But it tends to migrate. So, you’ll need to rake it regularly to keep it looking nice. Adding replacement gravel every few years also helps.

3. Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate is a trendy new way to add color to a driveway.

These types of driveways come in different colors, shades, and sizes, allowing you to customize your driveway in ways that are impossible with other materials.

It provides an effect that is similar to gravel because pebbles and stones are left exposed. But unlike gravel, the stones won’t go anywhere.

Exposed aggregate also adds a non-slip element to your driveway providing an added benefit to areas that receive high rainfall or freezing during the winter.

The only downside to exposed aggregate is that it can’t be fixed. If it cracks or chips, the whole driveway needs to be replaced.

4. Brick

Brick driveways provide the ultimate curb appeal and they are endlessly customizable.

Most brick paths are made out of one of two types of material: interlocking pavers or used paving bricks.

A brick driveway also requires a concrete base to keep the materials in place.

Because there are more materials involved and a base is required, brick driveways tend to be more expensive than other driveways. But the beauty provided is often incomparable.

But it’s worth it because the beauty provided is often incomparable.

5. Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is a slightly more exciting alternative to normal concrete.

Molds are applied to the concrete while it’s setting to add patterns or impressions to the concrete that can make it look like brick or stone.

With stamped concrete, you get all the durability of concrete with the added curb appeal at a similar price point.

Each of these five most commonly requested types of driveways has benefits and disadvantages depending on your location and needs.

Do you have questions about your existing driveway or are you in need of a new one?

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  1. I currently have a concrete driveway with a pebble stone topping and also concrete porch with pebble stone also. The porch isn’t bad but the drive is popping pebble stones and is in need of repair. I have to have this done at least every other year at a cost of about $1000 every time. I am looking at replacing both unless I can do something else with the existing porch.

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