5 Ideas for the Custom Patio of Your Dreams

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You’re in the mood for a change. You love your patio, but you really want to kick it up a notch.

Whether you’re in the market for a complete patio makeover, trying out a new stamped concrete patio, or just doing some concrete restoration, there are many unique options available to you.

Let’s take a look at 5 ideas for creating the custom patio of your dreams.

1. Cozy Courtyards

Courtyards are popular because the options are many and the hassles can be few. You can create a Mexican Courtyard design in the comfort of your own backyard.

The authentic Mexican Courtyard boasts a tile-floored foundation typically accompanied by a peaceful garden area. You can use authentic marble and stone tables with a soft glow lighting surrounding you in the evening.

2. Secret Garden Havens

You can prepare a peaceful safe haven to rejuvenate your mind and body after a hard day’s work with a secret garden nook. A few designs to choose from include:

1. Manhattan

If you choose the Manhattan Garden, you’ll be visited by unassuming hummingbirds on a cool morning’s day. This option uses bright colors and bird houses to create an energized, welcoming feel.

2. Amsterdam

In the Amsterdam Garden space, you’ll experience the flowing grace of thriving greenery wrapped around an archway, offering a warm and protective ambiance. This garden option delivers cleansing scenery both above and below you.

3. San Francisco

The San Francisco Garden offers perfectly manicured boxed bushes encircling a quiet sitting area. Smoothed pebble pathways surround the hedges and lead up to the steps to your safe haven.

3. Water Fountains and Bird Baths

Throughout history, water has been associated with the natural flow of life. Water can create within us a sense of security and peacefulness, knowing that all is in the flow of things.

You can bump your custom patio up to the next level by investing in a beautiful water fountain. You can also add a bird bath to the mix and create a patio of life and energy.

4. Play Space For Children

If you have kids, you can create a world of wonder for them by choosing an open space patio where your children can play hide-and-seek, use sidewalk chalk or invent an elaborate make-believe world all their own.

You may have heard that a child may find even more joy in the box the swing set arrived in than the swing set itself. Kids like simplicity and plenty of room to let their creativity take over. Less is more with our little ones.

Fire pits for toasting ‘Smores are fun for kids, too, as long as they’re supervised.

5. Serene Japanese-Style Patios

When deciding which direction to go with your custom patio, don’t overlook the treasures of the Japanese-Style.

From the subtle meditative elements of a life-sized sand garden to the more direct labyrinth, you can choose from so many amazing features. Stone walkways and Japanese paper lantern lighting can bring a sense of ease and even relax tired muscles.

You can include bamboo archways, comforting statues and a pond with coy fish. If you choose to have a pond, you’ll want to have fish so that the mosquito population doesn’t get out of control.

For The Custom Patio of Your Dreams

Don’t forget, if you’re still in the “considering phase” as to whether you want to redesign your patio, you can always request a free estimate.

Designing or redesigning your patio can be fun and exciting. It can be easy, too, with the right help. For support in creating the patio of your dreams, check us out at Saint Louis Driveway.

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