4 Ways a Custom Driveway Can Add Value to Your Home

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custom driveway

Looking to sell your home? Getting bored and want to try something new? Maybe you just want to add some pizazz?

A lot of people fall back on the same old standards of house renovation, like updating the roof or maybe redoing the kitchen, when updating their property.


There’s a way to be creative instead of doing the same thing everyone else does. Consider putting in a custom driveway!

Updating your driveway can enhance your curb appeal by 5-10%. It’s a great addition that you’ll use every day.

Think it’s too difficult to maintain or might bring your home value down? We’re going to shatter your doubts with this list of four ways updating your driveway can bring up your home’s value.

1. Stand Out from the Crowd

This one’s a gimme: if you’re driving down the street looking at houses, the one with the unique driveway is going to stand out.

The housing market can be incredibly competitive. You need every advantage you can get! Here’s an opportunity for you to really express yourself.

Think about creating a design in the pavement. Maybe add decorative borders.

If you’re looking to sell, it’s a great way to catch the eye of any potential buyers.

2. Add In New Features

Even though it’s called a custom driveway, you can use it to add features onto your house that have nothing to do with driving.

For example, you can have a beautiful stone driveway that wraps around your house. Use it to create a path to a custom fire pit in your backyard.

Or how about extending the paved area out around the front to create a patio? Adding a patio or deck can increase the ROI of your house by as much as 73%!

3. Eco-Friendly

When you hire professionals who know the ins and outs of the area, they’ll work with you to find the best materials for your custom driveway.

You don’t want someone who will come in and pave over your landscaping with materials that fall apart when exposed to the elements. True pros know how to work with your land to create something unique and eco-friendly all at the same time.

4. Round and Round

When re-designing your driveway, why not go all the way? When you customize your parking spot, you have an opportunity to make add value – and make it work for your lifestyle!

A circular driveway adds charm and appeal to a home. It says that those who live there are inviting and have many guests over.

If that’s true for you, a circular custom driveway is ideal! You’ll add more space for your friends to park on when they come to your parties.

It’s Time for a Custom Driveway

Whether you’re trying to go green or are adding a new feature to your house without breaking the bank, re-doing your driveway is the way to go.

Lucky for you, adding value onto your home has never been easier! If you’re ready to install a custom driveway, contact us.

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